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Episode Post: AtS - 5x22 Not Fade Away 
July 30, 2006
Episode Info
Written by: Joss Whedon and Jeffrey Bell
Directed by: Jeffrey Bell
Original Airdate: May 19, 2004

As they prepare to take down the Circle of the Black Thorn, the gang takes one last day to themselves.

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Extra Info
This is the final episode of Angel.

The Mods' Sad Attempt to Start Discussion
I really like seeing how everyone decides to spend their final day. Of course Wesley and Illyria really have nowhere to go so they're left alone. I like seeing that Gunn goes to Anne's, though. It's nice to see her, she's a character who's been with not only this show but with Buffy for such a long time. Also, with all of the change Gunn went through it brings him back to his roots. The scenes between Angel and Connor are nice as well. It's nice to see Vincent Kartheiser get to be a teenager. I like the place that their relationship has ended up. As for ended up, and I'll talk more about it later, it's interesting to see where Lorne has ended up. He's very stoic here and spends his day at a karaoke bar. Spike reciting poetry is classic.

I like everyone taking part in the plan. They know what they have to do and they accept it. As cheesy as it sounds, they all take their roles as champions. I remember being completely shocked at seeing Lorne kill Lindsey. I understand why Angel would ask Lorne to do it, Lindsey would never see it coming. He clearly doesn't, he tells Eve that he doesn't. It's something from Lorne we've never seen before and you can understand from that why he'd need to leave and never have any part of this anymore. It's just not in him.

Illyria brings a lot to the final battle. She feels grief, she doesn't want Gunn to die. She's feeling attached to these people and she also feels anger at being beaten up. It's been a fascinating arc. It's been well written and Amy Acker has written it so well. She and Alexis do such a nice job during that final scene between Wesley and Illyria when she asks him if he'd like her to lie to him now.

I find it a memorable ending and an inspirational one.

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July 30, 2006 (UTC)
Wesley died! As a huge Wesley fan, that just killed me when it first aired. I had been spoiled for it, but I was hoping it was a foiler. Before the episode aired, I had planned to curse Joss until the end of time if Wesley died. But when it happened I was so caught up in the moment, so moved by his last seen with Frillyria, that I couldn't say anything about it other than it was the best ending Wesley could have had. Him finally allowing Illyria to lie to him, to become Fred, to promise him an afterlife with the woman he loves - it was heartbreaking and very beautiful. It had me crying when I watched it, when I posted about it in my LJ later, and when I read the transcript a week later. The only other Buffyverse episode that affected me that much was Becoming Part 2.

Knowing what Joss had planned for Wesley and Illyria in a sixth season, it makes this episode so much more heartbreaking. There was just more story to tell, and the ending of this story, how it just cuts off at the start of the fight, with our surviving heroes' fates undetermined, it fits precisely with how this show was cut off prematurely, mid-story. Since Joss was forced to end it here, it's the best ending they could have done, and the mission statement at the end is poignant, and a motto I try to live by: What do you do when you can't win? You just keep fighting.

What an amazing story this show is.