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Jossathon: Reminder & Stuff 
September 13, 2005
Hello Jossathon community members! This is Meaghan, the so far silent moderator. First of all I just want to say hi to you all and thanks for joining us! I'm really looking forward to getting started on the Jossathon, as, I'm sure, are you. :D

This post is basically just a reminder that we officially start this Thursday, September 15 with BtVS season 1, so get ready for some old skool Buffy action. Also, feel free to plug this community in your journals if you have friends you think might also enjoy participating. The more, the ... more, and by the way, there are some lovely link back buttons on the community userinfo page made by my co-moderator Morgan (verycleanindeed).

Morgan and Julie (cooldecade) and I also thought you might like to know how things are going to work in this community, so here's a few words on that very subject. It is a very intricate system we have set up so I suggest you pay close attention (or you could just not read this at all and be surprised on Thursday morning). For those of you who are still reading, you can expect to see one post each day from this community on your friends page, except on Thursdays, when you will see two. Our goal is to have each day's post online before noon Pacific time. This is the basic post schedule:

Thursday: weekly reminder; first episode post
Friday: second episode post
Saturday: third episode post
Sunday: fourth episode post
Monday: fifth episode post
Tuesday: sixth episode post
Wednesday: weekly recap

But what does it all mean? I will tell you. The weekly reminder is exactly what it sounds like: the list of the week's episodes, to remind you where we are in the schedule and basically let you know what you're going to be watching during the week. Suggestions related to the upcoming week's viewing -- regarding possible discussion-starter topics for the week's episodes, polls you'd like to see us post, or related links people might like to visit -- may be made by commenting on these posts.

The episode posts will be, as the name suggests, posts devoted to the week's individual episodes. They will contain a few bits of information about the episode in question plus a brief synopsis and some related links, and perhaps a thought or two from your beloved moderators to try to get the discussion started. Any and all episode discussion will take place in the comments on the episode posts. You can also post any episode-related icons, fanart, or links of your own in the comments. We've set it up this way to avoid spamming your friends list (and, as you may or may not know, only the mods actually have posting access to the community). We're really hoping to have a lot of activity around here, so please do share your thoughts with everyone! One of the best things about the Jossverse is that it's endlessly discussable. :)

(By the way, obviously, even if you don't have time to watch all the episodes for the week, you can still participate in the discussion. Presumably you've seen all or at least most of them before so chances are you may have something to say.)

Finally, the weekly recap post. This will also be exactly what it sounds like: a recap of the week, possibly containing a few final thoughts from the mods about the week's viewing and discussion (which could of course start more discussion and that would make them not actually final thoughts at all!!), and definitely containing links back to any icon or art comments made by members during the week. Discussion can also continue in the comments on these posts if it feels like it, and we will probably also have one or two weekly polls in this post.

And that, as they say, is that!

Phew, that was quite a long explanation! Oh, one last thing: we ask that you please do not post any spoilers for Serenity in this community! We are sure that everyone who is trying to remain spoiler-free will thank you for that consideration.

And now I think that's enough out of me for one post. We'll be back on Thursday to officially begin Jossathon 2005 with the first weekly reminder and episode posts. (And now if you didn't read the above explanation of how things work I bet you're confused.) In the meantime, if you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to leave us a comment on this post. Thanks again for joining us! :)
Jose (Dios)