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Weekly Reminder: July 27 - August 2 
July 27, 2006
This Week's Episodes
5x19 Time Bomb
5x20 The Girl in Question
5x21 Power Play
5x22 Not Fade Away
Serenity (Movie)

Our favorite episode last week (and what a great week it was) was a tie between Smile Time and A Hole in the World, possibly the funniest and saddest episodes of the series! I voted for Smile Time, but I love them both. Least favorite episode was overwhelmingly Why We Fight, which is, in my opinion, decent enough, but obviously the weakest link in the bunch.

This is our last week! :-0 I can't believe we've come this far in our marathon. It was sad to see the Buffyverse vanish from TV, but I think the end of Angel is a fantastic way to go out. Not Fade Away, indeed (here we are, years later -- the Jossverse endures). I'm really looking forward to rewatching these episodes. When we finish Angel, we're going to wrap-up with Serenity. Enjoy the week! :)