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Episode Post: AtS - 5x19 Time Bomb 
July 27, 2006
Episode Info
Written By: Ben Edlund
Directed By: Vern Gillum
Original Airdate: April 28, 2004

Although Illyria rescues Gunn, Angel realizes she must be killed after her body begins a deadly physical breakdown which could unleash enough power to destroy the world.

Relevant Links
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Extra Info
The pregnant woman is played by David Boreanaz's real life wife, Jaime Bergman.

The Mods' Attempts to Get the Discussion Going
I like this episode because I really enjoy Illyria. I think she's a very interesting character and I like watching her try to find her way in her reduced state of being. The writers and Amy Acker do a great job of making her into someone we can almost kinda relate to, or at least sympathize with. It's quite remarkable really the way Amy Acker manages to show that this being with the power of a god who is constantly talking about her own greatness is actually really scared, vulnerable, and confused underneath it all. I like the way they present her travels through the timeline in the episode, too, and the scene where she takes out the whole team in like 10 seconds is very exciting and shocking, until we realize what's actually going on. I like how the episode itself feels disorienting -- we're lost with Illyria.

The ending, where Angel lets the woman sign her baby over to the Brethren, is very disorienting too. It feels so strange seeing Angel do something like that and not really knowing what he's thinking. Of course eventually we find out that he's working on his big plan, but right now it's confusing and a bit upsetting seeing him act that way. Those conversations between Angel and Illyria about what a king should do certainly end up having a big influence on Angel's behaviour through these last few episodes.

"Secret Demon" stalking "Blue Bird" around the office cracks me up every time, lol.
hockey: Jesus loves the Sens
July 27, 2006 (UTC)
I like this episode too, it's a great study of Illyria and I love what Angel gains from their conversations. Amy Acker is fabulous. And what about the fakeout when she stakes Spike? Holy crap! "And then Wesley, as he raised his weapon... and your demon clown as he wilted in terror." The bit about the demon clown makes me laugh so much.
July 29, 2006 (UTC)
This episode does do a great job of making us feel disoriented with Illyria.