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jossathon's Journal

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Welcome to Jossathon! What is our aim? Basically, to watch a lot of Whedon. Joss Whedon that is. Creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, its spin-off Angel and the short-lived Firefly, each series has that special Joss flavor as well as its own identity.

In August of 2005 while chatting, we mentioned that it would be fun to start watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer all the way from the beginning to the very end. Then we thought, hey, why not add Angel to it? The original idea was Buffyaday, one episode each day. However we changed that because of the cross-over episodes between Buffy and Angel. So, we decided to watch the first three seasons of Buffy and when we began season four we'd follow that premiere with the first episode of Angel and go in order, just as they aired during Angel's first two seasons. We added Firefly into it and decided that Jossathon was a far better name.

The schedule is as follows but is subject to change. For the first three seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer six episodes will be watched each week. Once we get to Buffy season four and it's time to begin Angel season one we'll continue with six episodes per week but there will be three of Buffy and three of Angel. Once we reach Buffy season seven and Angel season four Firefly comes in. We'll stick to six per week and watch two of Buffy, two of Angel and two of Firefly. View the complete schedule.

Jossathon commences on September 15, 2005! We hope many of you will participate and we hope to make this an annual event.

Why September 15th? Well the idea came to us in August and the date seemed as good as any to start. Also, on September 15, 1997 the second season premiere of Buffy, When She Was Bad premiered. We'd have started on March 10 since that's when Buffy originally premiered but we didn't want to wait that long.

Weeks run from Thursday to Wednesday. So, the first week begins on Thursday the 15th and ends on Wednesday the 21st. Having the week begin on Thursday allows for people to have the weekend closer so they can watch and not have the Jossathon interfere with work or school.

Further Information
Now, in which order will we be watching Firefly? The order Joss intended, the order they come in on the DVDs. Why? Well, the part about Joss intending them that way should suffice but if further information is needed it is because FOX is stupid and aired them incorrectly.

Each week we'll discuss the episodes we've watched. If you don't have every episode, don't worry, you don't have to watch them all. If you love Buffy but don't like Angel or think Firefly isn't any good (Those creatures exist?!) you can just watch Buffy. The aim is to watch everything, but just do the best you can.

If you're missing episodes we'll do our best to help you. On the community entries page you'll see a link to a post where you can request episodes. This is no guarantee you'll be able to get the episodes but if members are willing to upload episodes or maybe copy tapes and send them to you, that's where we'd like you to ask. Please do not contact members privately to request episodes, post only in that thread.

This community is maintained by:
cooldecade - Julie
spidermansays - Meaghan
verycleanindeed - Morgan

Fan of Joss? Join the fanlisting!

Please note that members do not have posting access, so don't worry if you see a message about it when you join. Each week, a mod will create a post for each episode to be discussed in the comments, plus any other posts as necessary (polls, full season discussion, et cetera). This will keep the community from spamming your friends list, and keep the episode discussions focused and easy to find.

Spread the Word
Is you're interested in linking back to Jossathon we'd appreciate it and have provided some buttons for you. Please upload to your own space, hotlinking is not cool and we doubt Joss would approve.




Please email or comment if you run a related community or site and would like to affiliate.

Jossathon is sponsored by Jossverse.com and Crotchgroin.info and is a New Lazy Story Production.

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